Meet Lindsey Kuzma

Why we study supply and demand—Meet Lindsey Kuzma

Lindsey Kuzma is a market analyst specializing in the market for base oil, which I think is a by-product of oil refineries. Koch knew what they were doing when they hired her. I didn't know her as an undergrad but I have seen her performance and wish she had taken my classes! She spends most all of her time in Excel, studying base oil prices, with a particular emphasis on long-term fundamentals. Each week, she participates in a supply and demand meeting where they discuss the supply and demand of base oil. She is expected to understand the big picture of the base oil market, where the market is heading, and must communicate this understanding to others clearly—that is her job!

This requires her to maintain an Excel database of prices, create readable graphs of price trends, and explain their movements using economic principles. So if you ever feel supply and demand or quantitative topics are irrelevant to the "real world", meet Lindsey Kuzma!

Lindsey Kuzma—Double Major in Agribusiness and Animal Science (Graduated Around 2007)